Today, where communication is instantaneous and there are more websites than people, you not only need to stand out, but you must also grab their attention and focus it on your brand. We’re here to help you do that!

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what we do

At AGM, our primary focus is getting your brand the attention it deserves. From strategy to content to implementation, we work towards putting your product or service in front of the right audience. We believe that there is more opportunity today than there has ever been when it comes to reaching people and growing a business. Let us help you accomplish that.

An individual marketing campaign may or may not exist on only one platform. But the entire marketing effort consists of many platforms and forms an entire ecosystem, each part fueling or supporting the next and, without which, the others could not survive.

One does not do only Facebook Marketing just as they do not do only Email marketing or SEO. One does each and more.

In today’s world, if your brand does not exist simultaneously on Amazon and E-Commerce, if it’s posts, both paid and organic, are not at once on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and if communications are not routinely sent to subscribers via email and Messenger, your brand is not just leaving money on the table, it’s intentionally handicapping itself.

A Full Service Agency

From branding to content, strategy to marketing, we do it all. Your brand won’t make it without all aspects of the Social Media Ecosystem in place.

Research, strategy, content creation (audiovisual, image and copy), Facebook, Instagram & Messenger, ChatBots, Email Marketing, Youtube SEO and more are all needed. How much of each and how they integrate one with another is yet to be seen.

Why we are different

Our focus is not only helping you BUILD your brand, but capturing the attention of an audience who is looking for a product or service just like yours (whether they know it or not!). Let’s face it, without an audience…without PEOPLE, brands go nowhere. What we do is help you capture the attention of the RIGHT people and show them how YOU can help them.

What our clients think

From Social Media Superstars to E-Commerce Titans, see what our clients have to say about us

Riggs Eckelberry

President & CEO of OriginClear

At the end of last year, we knew that we needed a strong push to get us into the acquisition business using the very important retail investor audience. For this maximum push, we called on Manuel and his team. They have delivered the energy and results we absolutely needed to succeed, and we are on our way! Many thanks to Manuel and his driving, and driven team!



“AGM has brought our worldwide Facebook, YouTube and Instagram influence into full overdrive growth. With his help we are reaching 16 million video views per month between Facebook and YouTube, and gaining 100,000+ new followers per month.

The amount of attention, engagement, sales leads, referrals and new interest in our products is the highest it has ever been. In fact, we are constantly having to hire new sales consultants to keep up with the demand.

His knowledgeable strategies have catapulted our sales of both of my books and products by 450% this year on Amazon alone.”

Dr. Eric Berg

CEO of The Health & Wellness Center, Author of the Best Selling
Book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”

“AGM Agency is genius! Our revenue stats have been in affluence since working with him. We range from 700% to 1200% ROI every week with his Facebook and Messenger strategies.

He uses Facebook to grow my Amazon account and my numbers have been in screaming affluence. He is worth his weight in gold.

We get 100,000 subscribers and 12,000,000 new views on Youtube every 28 days. He really works and really give me way more than I am paying him.”

Robert Bache

Senior Healthcare Direct

Before I started working with AGM, I was lead-dependent. I had to purchase leads from other companies that were generating leads. When I did that, the lead quality was inconsistent, the lead flow is inconsistent, and the prices were steadily increasing over the last 5 years. So finally, in February of this year, I decided to do something about it. I decided to work with AGM Marketing. In February, we started working together and I saw instant results. I saw my lead price go down, I saw my lead quality increased, and I saw the lead flow being more predictable. Meaning I knew how many leads I was able to generate each day for all of my agents. Better lead quality, more consistent lead flow, and more control. When I was dependent on other people for leads, at any given moment they could shut my business down. But, thanks to AGM I am now completely lead independent – I do not buy any leads at all from anyone. Now, I spend all my ad spend on Facebook with AGM’s help, I’m able to generate more than enough leads to feed my agents and even grow my business.

Ruddy Rodriguez

AGM has been helping me with my social media accounts and the impact that his work has had on my career has just been incredible. Every service that he’s developed has proven to achieve outstanding results in a short amount of time. I highly recommend him to everyone. Just can’t thank him enough for providing people like me with so much power to become known by others.”

Drs. Steph and Tom Chaney

Co-Founders of Living Health Integrative Medicine Authors of the Best Selling Books, “Defeat Diabetes” and “Lose The Gluten, Lose Your Gut. Ditch The Grain, Save Your Brain.”

It is a pleasure working with the team at AGM. They have worked closely with me to develop new marketing initiatives and campaigns, all with the purpose of getting more attention for my services and products. They have delivered! The team is extremely responsive to requests and are actively involved with ensuring the best results. I especially like the fact that they are always looking for ways to improve and optimize efforts. I would recommend the team at AGM if you are looking to take your marketing and promotions to the next level!

Jay Kamhi

CEO of Green Straw, LLC and Kamhi World

“Working with Manuel and his team has taught me that there is no such thing as “Enough” when it comes to creating, capturing and cultivating new Leads. They create a blizzard of attention grabbing ads and campaigns that perfectly capture the “personality” of my brand, and that result in literally tens of thousands of interested prospects who want my products. These guys are a ruthless team of marketing mercenaries who kill my competition and deliver me the spoils of war. Love working with this first rate team.”

Dr. Jere Jarrett

Working with AGM has been the best thing I have done to promote my office, and I’ve tried a bunch of things. The minute I connected up, I got this promise that he was going to bust my doors open. And I thought, “I’ve heard that before”. But the fact is, that’s exactly what happened. My production has gone up into a continuous affluence as a result of what AGM has done. New patients keep coming in the door and old patients come in that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m producing more now than I did 25 years ago. Anybody thinking about connecting up with AGM and his team should absolutely just do it.

Sheila Jindela

Kingston Dental Care
St Louis, MO

I have been working with the team at AGM for over a year now and the level of delivery and customer service is excellent.
They’ve taken videos and campaigns that we’ve created for our dental practice and taken them to the next level which have created an abundance of new patient leads.
They know their product and the best way to get it out to a broad public and quickly make corrections as needed to improve the response.
I would highly suggest AGM if you’re looking to expand your business and online presence.