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Based on your answers, I recommend the AGM Ninja Lab. This program will provide you with the skill sets you need to conquer all aspects of marketing from Strategy and Lead Generation to Facebook Ads and Chat Marketing, and much, much more.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you know how much I stress the importance of education. Besides giving you the tools you need to take control of the fate of your business, it can give you access to invaluable mentors, help you protect your assets, and even expand your network.

My marketing team at AGM (Attention Grabbing Media) has put together a program to help you accomplish exactly that. They have done this time and time again. These guys are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue just in 2020 alone, and they have opened up the playbook to show you exactly how they accomplish such numbers.

You will be given access to their best strategies, including step-by-step procedures, templates, and an enormous amount of individual skills that you can acquire by joining the program. 


What is the AGM Ninja Lab

Imagine never having to worry about generating customers online ever again…

The harsh reality is you need to be online to stay relevant…

Yet many business owners have no idea where to start or how to scale their sales using social media.

Unlock the Ultimate Online Mastery

Put yourself in a position to know exactly how to generate more attention and money.

Some businesses will choose to ignore this message and follow the same trajectory others have like Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Polaroid.

Others will make the decision to adapt and take advantage of the greatest opportunity we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime!

The AGM Ninja Lab delivers the exact steps on how to master the highly in-demand skill of Digital Marketing.


Over 250+ Hours of Instant Training
To Master Lucrative Marketing Skills

what’s included

Weekly Group Coaching ($12,000 Value)
Join Manuel live every week to go over proven strategies that keep your business profitable and relevant through online marketing.
The Ultimate Facebook Masters Course (Originally $2,000, But Yours FREE For Joining Today)
12 deep-dive modules with over 38 hours of content that will help you dominate Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Marketing.
Exclusive Access To The High-Performing Ads Vault
Get the exact copies of Manuel’s highest-performing ads & strategies, so you can model what works and cut your ad creation time in half.
($11,494 Value)
Members-Only Access To The Private Coaching Community
Get support from Manuel’s personal team & immediately upgrade your circle of influence with a community of other winning entrepreneurs who encourage, inspire, and help each other win.
($2,000 Value)
Immediate Access To All Past Coaching Recordings & Templates
100% instant access to all of Manuel’s past LIVE trainings. ($7,470 value) 100+ previous trainings, all indexed so that you can easily find the one that applies to what you need, when you need it!
($7,470 Value)


master social media advertising

This Video Might Be The Most Important Thing You Watch This Year!


Our Students Are Mastering Social Media Advertising And Creating Their Own Economy

You Can Too!







“I love nothing more than being able to provide information to others and watch them achieve their business and life dreams.”

Many years ago, having already grown an eight figure business on Amazon, Manuel was forced to study the emerging field of Social Media Marketing in an effort to take things to the next level.

This quickly became an obsession, with Manuel diving deep into the intricacies of the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger family of platforms. From this sprung an agency and then, to meet demand for his services, the maiden launch of his Facebook Masters Course to over two hundred students and rave reviews.


Years of Experience

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Students

raving reviews and testimonials

“Thank you [Manuel] for the new tools that I’m learning. I love the format. I love the way that you teach. It is really easy to learn from you.”


“I’m gonna say, like honestly, the best course that I’ve ever done on Facebook marketing.”


Everything is covered from A-Z. And most importantly, I now have tons of clarity on my business and what I need to do to be successful.”


“The Facebook Masters Course is a true ninja masterpiece and in my opinion, a mega game changer. Not only in the field of social media but in the entire world of marketing itself.”


“I really love it. Manuel explained how Facebook works and that was really valuable information for me.”


“I have to absolutely give 100% big props to Manuel and his team for putting together an absolutely amazing course.”




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What Is Included In The AGM Ninja Lab?

– Top-Performing Ad Templates ($4997 value)
– Top-Performing Sales Funnel Templates ($6497 value)
– Access to the original Facebook Masters course ($1997 value)
– Access to all of Manuel’s past live trainings ($7470 value)
– Access to exclusive coaching community with your fellow coaching students

PLUS, receive these exclusive, member-only discounts:

√ 50% discounts on tech support (Regular price $200 per hour)
√ 50% discounts on 1-on-1 session with Manuel “The Facebook Ninja” himself (Regular price $3,000 per hour)

When do I get access to the past trainings?

Immediately after check out! When you log into your account for the first time you will have full access to all the training.

When do I find the ad templates?

You can click on “My Library” at the top of the screen. Then scroll through the “My Products” section of your page and find the product that says Manuel Suárez Vault Release. Click on that product and you will find that month’s successful ad templates.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription simply email: [email protected] and request to opt-out.

How can I change my method of payment?

You can change your method of payment by going into the settings area of your membership profile. Click on the Billing Info tab in the top right corner. In the credit card section you’ll see a button that says Change Card. Simply click the change card button and input your new payment method.

Why should I sign up for Manuel’s Coaching program?

You should only sign up for Manuel’s coaching program if you want more clients, customers, and patients for your business. Manuel walks you step by step through how to effectively market your business using social media. Manuel’s training teaches you how to use the tools of Facebook to build a personal brand and audiences that will allow you to provide products and services to your ideal clients, customers, and patients.

Can I get extra help after Manuel’s live trainings?

After Manuel’s weekly live training you can extra help by visiting the Manuel Suárez Coaching Community. In this community area, you can interact with other members of the coaching program and support each other with questions and answers. You can also get questions answered in the private Facebook group or by emailing us at [email protected]

How do I find out what topics are in the past trainings?

At the top of your membership page, you can find the Coaching Program Index. This index gives you direct access to find your desired topic with an alphabetical table of contents. It will show you which page of the index to find the respective training and that will provide you with the month, year, and title of the training.

Why should I listen to Manuel?

Manuel Suárez went from being broke to building 7 figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and then helped others expand their businesses with the skills he learned along the way. Manuel realized he had stumbled upon the fact that he’s an excellent marketer. During this process, Manuel earned the Facebook Blueprint certification and the Facebook Blueprint planner certification. Manuel is an award-winning Messenger Marketing Expert recognized by the ManyChat software company. Manuel and his marketing agency also serve social media superstars Dr. Eric Berg and Frank Suárez as well as 23-time Grammy winner and keyboard virtuoso Chick Corea.