The backbone of any successful marketing campaign is the data it’s based on.

But even more important than the facts themselves is the evaluation of those facts in relation to on another and to the overall goals of the individual or brand.

Data gathered is useless without an understanding of what it means. And evaluation of that data cannot be done without an understanding of the relative importances of the data involved.

We’ve had some clients say they want all ads producing less than 3X revenue turned off so as to stop wasting that money.

The result?… Everything crashed.

Those ads turned off were the very ads bringing in new business. Of course they cost more than ads to warm traffic or ads re-targeting previous purchasers.

Where does my traffic come from? Where does it go?

What journey does it take through my posts, ads, content and retargeting before arriving at a sale and what is the lifetime value of that customer?

And beyond that, how many Landing Page Views must I get before I get Add to Carts and how many Add to Carts must I get before I get Purchases?

And what is the ROI I should expect at each of these steps and where can I cut or add more spend to fill and optimize the funnel?

Beyond that, who are your competitors? What are they doing that is or isn’t working and what have they done in the past that got them where they are now?

These and many more are the questions asked and answered by a deep dive into the internal workings of your brand, site and flow.

Possibly you know the answers to these questions. Wonderful! We’re that much closer to a winning campaign.

But whether you do or don’t, we always begin our clients with a top to bottom viewing to see what is and isn’t working, how the consumer flows through the whole and how everything functions, as well as thorough brand and competitor research. Without that, nothing can be done.

Or at least nothing effective.

With accurate, well-evaluated information we then begin our strategy creation.

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