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It is my mission to provide as much value as possible to help you become a Master, and a NINJA at Facebook ads.

Hopefully, you had a chance to read last week’s article, “The Power And IMPORTANCE of Retargeting”, and if you DID, you will recall that at the end, I said “TO BE CONTINUED”. Well, THIS is the continuation of that subject.

(For those of you who haven’t had a chance to take a look at last week’s article, you can find it here.)

Last week, we ended off on the subject of custom audiences and engagement custom audiences.

Okay, so let’s continue…

In this section, you will learn some of the basic rules when it comes to custom audiences and retargeting.

There are 2 main things to understand:

Website custom audiences = Limit 180 days

Facebook Engagement Audiences = Limit 365 days

Now, I want you to start thinking with this and begin to understand the almost infinite combinations you can have when it comes to retargeting.

Here are a few examples of Website Custom Audiences I would create:

  • People who visited my page in the last 30 days but haven’t purchased
  • People who purchased in the last 180 days, but haven’t purchased in 60 days (Great for a consumable product which needs to be refilled)
  • People who added to cart but didn’t purchase
  • People who completed a registration (Opted in on some form)
  • People who spent the most amount of time on your website. Example: Top 25% website visitors in the last 60 days
  • Top 10% Website visitors in the last 180 days
  • Top 5% Website visitors in the last 30 days
  • All website visitors in the last 30 days
  • All website visitors in the last 120 days

Are you starting to get the ENORMITY of combinations available? I could spend the next 5 hours writing this list and these audiences could very well be your bread and butter. If you are not building these custom audiences, let me assure you of one thing:


Now, just so we are clear. This is a very big subject and I just want you to get started. As you work on this ability and get familiar with it, it will get more and more intricate and even more NINJA.

Here’s one more example of how you can keep on narrowing this down and work on closing a much higher percentage of people. You can create an audience like this:

People who viewed the CONTENT of your product page (not just viewed the main page but literally went in there and viewed the product page) and exclude people who purchased from you.

I would call it: Viewed Content But Did Not Purchase (You can do last 30 days, 90 or all the way up to 180 days).

Here’s a screenshot showing you how you would set this up…

As you can see above, you are selecting an audience of people who have triggered the event VIEW CONTENT (should be inserted on every product page of your site) and you can even exclude people who have purchased in the last 180 days.

What would you do with these people? These guys are VERY valuable. They didn’t just land on your page. They actually surfed around and visited a unique product page. You can make a video just for them, or you can make a slideshow ad or a carousel ad showing your product in use. This kind of message can be directed toward them:

“Thank you for visiting our website. I noticed you showed interest on XYZ product and I wanted to provide you with more information to help you make an informed decision in regards to purchasing XYZ.”

“See the video below with a short testimonial of one of our best customers (or a tutorial, or images showing the product in use, etc) and visit our store to purchase XYZ.”

“Hey and just because we want to win you over as our customer, here’s a coupon code for a 10% discount during checkout: DISC10

“Visit shop here → (product page link)”

You can also do the same thing using “Added to Cart” instead of “Viewed Content.” “Added to Cart” will have less traffic, so it depends on how much traffic you currently have on your site.

Ok. Are you blown away yet? If you aren’t, I completely give up. Just kidding… NEVER that.

Maybe this is not new for you. I’m still learning about this power myself every day, more and more, using it with mind blowing results. I could keep writing here, but I need you to now get creative and start building these audiences you will use to grow your business.

Since you are becoming a TRAFFIC NINJA , using custom audiences will help you plant your roots and consistently grow your business.

One of the common traits of SMART business people is COMMON SENSE. Would you agree that bigger custom audiences should equal more sales? I would say yes, absolutely. Especially since you are doing the work and actively working on getting that 97-99% of your website traffic that doesn’t convert on their first visit back into your customer funnels.

Alright, let’s talk about the 6 different “BUCKETS” of Video Watchers. So here they are:

3 Seconds

10 Seconds

25% of the video

50% of the video

75% of the video

95% of the video

Now, these different “buckets” of video watchers have almost INFINITE variations, and they DO now include video engagement on Instagram. For example, you can build an audience of people who have seen a specific video, a set of videos or all videos you have across a Facebook page, Instagram profile or even several pages you administer!

Also, one thing to note about these audiences. They are NOT ALL THE SAME. Someone who saw 25% of your video 7 days ago is much more likely to engage with your next ad than someone who saw 25% of your video 365 days ago. So you should test out these video watcher audience variations and find out which ones work best for your brand.

They can ALL be very powerful, BUT you have to learn how to use them. For example, if I wanted to sell products, I would go after video watchers who engaged with the videos recently. But let’s say you want to build a Messenger list or generate leads, you might do VERY WELL with an audience that has seen 50% of your videos in the last 365 days, but not in the last 30 days.

Do you see why I get so excited about this? This is the world we live in and we have been given access to all this power, which was formerly unknown and inaccessible. So please… Let’s get to work! Do NOT take this for granted, and DO make sure to take advantage of this incredible opportunity in the entrepreneurial world, which is STILL NEW. Agreed? Okay.

You can find exact instructions on how to create these buckets of video watchers directly from Facebook by clicking HERE

Okay, so let’s move on to the last section of this article:

Effectively using your Customers List

Here, you will learn more about how to use your customer list in your Facebook ads.

In case you haven’t done this yet, here’s an article directly from Facebook on preparing your customer data:


There are 2 important points you will find in the above article.

“The two most important tips for phone numbers are:

  • ALWAYS include the country code as part of your customer’s phone numbers, even if all your data is from the same country.
  • ALWAYS include your customers’ countries in their own column in your file, even if all of your data is from the same country. Because we match on a global scale, this simple step helps us match as many people as possible from your customer list.”

Make sure that your customer data is prepared correctly. If you have phone numbers in there for example, and your customers are US customers, make sure you add a 1 at the beginning of each number. Otherwise, Facebook will not be able to locate them. This is one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen that will stop Facebook from locating your customers.

If you haven’t done this yet, get it set up and start using it. Use them to continue the conversation on Facebook and Instagram, letting your customers know you are PRESENT. And use them to build LookAlike audiences where Facebook will work on finding people who have similar characteristics to your customers.

Okay, so there you have it. I hope that this has been helpful and enlightening to you. And remember, knowledge is NOT power unless you APPLY and IMPLEMENT it!

There you Go!

What people don’t realize is that they need to be able to actually master an area and then hand it over to somebody else to do it for them. Otherwise, they never scale and grow. For example, I am a Facebook marketer, right? I do Facebook advertising. I have built myself throughout the last several years some incredible businesses and I have helped other clients build some incredible businesses by mastering Facebook advertising. Do you know how many actual campaigns I create myself on a daily basis? Zero. I don’t. Why? Because I have scaled myself and that allows me to think in other areas to expand my reach into other areas that I know are going to help my business keep expanding along the way. As you grow in business, as you build your own businesses, as you establish product lines, brands, listings, e-commerce platforms, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram followings, and you do all your content and all those things, you’ve got to realize that you need to segment your work along the way – you just segment your activities along the way so you can hand them over to different departments every single time. In that way, you get to build a real business and you become a real executive of your company that is keeping the company looking up and always expanding and growing along the way.

That’s something that needs to be utilized. And, today, more than ever we have opportunities to rescale a team to be able to create a massive impact across the brand. Let me give you an example and I’ll example myself. I’m going to start off with that to make it real how I am not just talking here. I walked this exact path a couple of years ago and I have been able to build this incredible business that has all these people under me that now are not just employees of mine. The people that work for me, my staff, they feel like they’re a part of something special, a movement. They feel like their company is their family. I have helped them survive better, I have helped them improve the quality of their lives and overall, their lives are better everywhere because of their experience of working with a company like my own company that is so concentrated on helping them improve their own lives.

Let me tell you one thing. For me, even though I have a lot of clients, I service a lot of people, and I sell a lot of products… this might be countering to a lot of people, all right? Like the old saying, “The customer is always right. A customer to me is not more important than one of my staff members. It’s simply not more important and would never be more important. If you don’t have your staff members expanding with you, if you don’t have them achieving their dreams and their goals, if you don’t have them accomplishing what they want out of your job, out of the job you have given them, your company doesn’t grow in the same way that it could. My job is to keep my staff winning all the time and feeling like they’re accomplishing greatness within their own areas. That’s something that I would have you guys focused a lot on. So, in that way, you have a team of people that have this drive, this energy that are helping each other along the way and are pushing towards higher levels and new levels of ability and skill. That by itself is power in the making.

So, that’s something that I want to tell you guys. In reality, you want to scale this team but you want to scale this team by building an organization that really cares about the survival of this team. Let me tell you a story. Back in 2014, I created a business. I was already learning about advertising. I developed a passion and a dream for being able to capture attention. I became interested in the subject of using the internet and the social media world to capture attention. I thought it was fascinating that I looked around everywhere and I saw people using Facebook, Instagram, all these platforms, actively buying on Amazon and it was such an incredible phenomenon to observe. So I’ve got obsessed with it. What did I do? I’ve got together with a partner of mine. His name is Ernesto, he’s a really good friend of mine, he’s like my brother, also. He still works with me today in the agency. We got together and I said, “Look. That business that you’re doing, you’re selling bedsheets on the road. (They call them road siders, okay?) That business that you’re doing, I want to take it online because I think there’s an opportunity with it.” He was doing bedsheets at that point. We got together with another guy who’s another friend of mine and we built this multi-million dollar empire that was doing about $600,000 in sales within its first year and a half. Within the first eighteen months, we were doing $600,000 in sales already, monthly. Okay? Six million dollar in sales in the second year, okay? So, I was doing that by myself without any help and it got to a point that I became so overwhelmed that I knew I was not going to be able to grow anymore. That was the end of the road for me.

I hit the point, even though I was growing very fast, has some good systems in place, has some great knowledge and I was implementing social media advertising into the brands, I was actually accomplishing a lot of good stuff along the way. I had just taken on my dad as a customer who right now is a major social media superstar with my help. I was doing other smaller things but I remember that I was outside my office back in 2015 towards the end of it, just a short two and a half years ago, I looked at my partner and I said, “Ernesto, it’s time for us to get more help. We somehow need to figure out how to scale and get helped. I know all throughout all this time I’ve been thinking that nobody can do our job, nobody can do my job as good as I do it. So, it’s impossible for me to get somebody to run my Facebook ads, my advertising, my campaigns, my Amazon optimization, my graphics, my listings, my copywriting, my websites. I cannot get somebody to do that. I’ve got to do it all myself because I’m just really good at it and nobody’s going to be really good at it.” The moment that you get outside of that thinking, the moment that you step outside the box and you think for a second, “Wait for for a second”, there’s only a certain amount of things that I can do within my time, within my body, within my activities, and my life. I’m not going to be able to grow unless I get myself out of this condition.

So, I actually started looking for companies to help me find people. The first one that I’ve found was a company called 24/7 VA. You can look it up online, 24/7 VA. I haven’t used it for a long time. I’m not using it anymore. I’ve got a better option for you, guys, which I’ll talk about them in a second. I started looking for a person and I was lucky enough that the first person that I found is still with me today which is incredible. His name is Jay and he’s an incredible human being, an individual that has grown with me by leaps and bounds every year. When he started with me he wasn’t 10% of what he is today. I just saw a potential just like I had a potential when I started learning about Facebook ads. I mean I remember going to a convention not knowing anything about Facebook. I had this guy who’s a mentor of mine and his name is Ben Cummings. He’s a good friend of mine, too. He was showing us some stuff about running Facebook advertising and I was blown away, and I didn’t know anything about that. So, at some point I learn from people. I don’t have to find that whole thing about “Tell me your experience. I want to see your resume.” Guys, that’s bias because in reality, you’ve got to look at what the person is and you’ve got to sense them, you’ve got to feel them. Is their intention good? Do they know how to communicate with you? Do they know how to talk and get their message out there to you? Do they know how to spread their emotions? Do they show you a passion? Do they want to accomplish greatness? Do they want to accomplish special things in life? What are their goals, ambitions and aspirations? What are they doing right now? Understand more about that. How lazy are they? Look at their phone, main screen. Do they have only YouTube and Facebook and no productivity? Look at what they are doing in their lives and judge them by what they are right now, not where they’ve been, not what they’ve studied, but trust them by their intention to help you right now. If you have that, there is so much experience, there are so many things that you can get them along the way, so much education, so many courses, so much trainings that you have access, so many podcasts, so many books that you can build this human being into a monster, monster help for you. So much so that some of the guys in my company that I have right now that I’ve scaled starting with that one person, his name is Jay, still with me today, my little brother that I’ve helped him grow like crazy and he’s grown like crazy. I would even say that he has helped me grow along the way. That person is such a special individual that along the way, you’re not going to find everybody to be special, guys. It is impossible. How easy would it be if everybody that you’ve brought in to the picture, if everybody that you’ve hired ended up being a genius? That will be a piece of cake but that is not the reality. That is just a dream.

So, in reality, guys, you have to understand that most people are not going to be great. I have hired hundreds of people obsessively in the last year and a half or two and I have only kept 40 of them. I have a company now with 47 staff. Most of them are overseas but they are my people and I help them grow, I help them increase their income, I help them expand and accomplish their dreams and goals along the way. All that I did was find a few good one, build them up, give them trainings, give them the tools, and along the way keep on adding more people. It became a viral thing and now I have a line up of hundreds of people that want to be a part of my company. You’ve got to start with one and get them close to you and get them groomed along the way.

Now, little by little, I started with one and this person became really important to me. I gave him training on Amazon, I showed him how to do product research, I showed him how to use tools like Jungle Scout, like Helium 10, understand Amazon Seller Central, I showed him about Shopify, how to create listings on Shopify, how to run Facebook ads. I showed him about all these different things along the way, little by little one thing and I taught them and I made sure they understood it before I moved on.

Before I move on to the subject, let me tell you one thing that I see entrepreneurs constantly make a mistake with and I see it a lot on lazy entrepreneurs. I’m sorry if you’re one of them but this is a reality and I’m into speaking truth to you because I want you guys to understand this and change the state of operation. Most entrepreneurs fail in hiring and also fail in scaling a team because instead of learning a subject themselves and teaching it to their employees, to their freelancers, to their staff members or whatever, what they do is that they actually hire somebody else to do it, run my social media advertising, run my Facebook ads, run my Instagram account, post my content, do my Amazon account, my YouTube optimization, write my emails. “I don’t know anything about it but I’m going to make sure that you do it for me even though I don’t know exactly if you’re doing a good job or not.” And they hand it over to somebody and they don’t have a clue whether they’re doing a good job or not. That is a weakness. Before you hand over the job to somebody, make sure you master it. For example, if you want to penetrate social media, if you want to run Facebook advertising, understand how it works, please, get webinars done, listen to my podcast, listen to trainings, read books, watch videos, see my mini-courses, my trainings, anything that you can do to understand the basics and the foundation of it, the philosophy why it works, how it works, how to measure ROI, how to do all that stuff. It’s important for you to understand as an entrepreneur and as a leader, what are the important metrics that you need to measure before you hand it over. If you want to educate your staff on creating Amazon listings, make sure they do it under your own tutorials, like under your own tutor lodge, you show them how to get it done. You learn it yourself and then you show them and you put it into a system that you write step-by-step how to get it done. That’s one thing that you guys should do right now. If you have activities that you’re doing, make a list of them and individually write out each one what it consists of what you do and how you do it. And, if possible, you grab applications like loom, like zoom, like skype, like camtasia, and all these different platforms. You record your screen, you document your screen while you’re doing certain activities that you know you do really well.

Do you understand the power of that? Remember guys, this whole cloud phenomenon has been around for only a few years. In order for you to help somebody understand what you were doing before, you have to train them live because otherwise, you don’t have a library of education, of the things that you do every single day that you can spread with your new staff to show them how to get something done. One thing that we have ourselves set up that has been very successful is we have a training library of all the different subjects, how to get it done directly from the stores, what are the successful actions on each one of those things, and how does Manuel Suarez does them. I have a training step-by-step for my staff on implementing all the things that I know I am good at – how to write copywriting, how to do a Facebook ad, how to do a lead generation ad, how to create a Shopify channel, how to write an email, how to write the copywriting on your Facebook ads, how to do an Instagram post, how to do a square video, basically endless, how to create a listing on Amazon, how to optimize your keywords, how to write a title. All of those things, guys, are a part of what you did to do as an entrepreneur in order for you to be able to scale your team because once you do that, all you’re going to do is like, “You, thank you very much. Come over here, I’m going to give you some work. You are going to come and work for me. I am going to pay you $3 an hour, $7 an hour, $10 an hour, and you have a potential to earn bonus and increase your salary along the way. Welcome to the team. Now, you’re going to be a Facebook advertiser. So, what I want you to do as a first step, every single day, half of your time is going to be spent on reading and watching that information. Okay, here you go. Here’s the access. Congratulations. You’ve been given access to the training. Go and train on it. Show me what you are doing. Let’s get in a call and I want to see what you are doing live.” And you train them and you help them get better along the way.

It doesn’t become an expense to you. It becomes an investment because these people out there want to help you and they want to see you grow. Understand that entrepreneurs are only a few of us in the planet. Most people out there are not entrepreneurs. Most people are not number 1s or number 2s. Most people out there are number 4s, number 5s, number 10s, number 20s, number 50s and they want to help number 1s like me to be able to expand so that they can ride the wave with us because they know that if I grow, they grow. So they compliment them. These guys are not going to come in here and do a podcast. Most of them are not going to do that. But, I’m going to help them and get better and maybe down the line they will because in reality, guys, I have been travelling this road for many years. My path towards becoming an entrepreneur didn’t start 2 years ago. It started in 2006 and it’s been going on for about 12 years now. I’ve been travelling on the road, I’ve been learning from people, I’ve been going to conferences, I’ve been listening to podcasts, I’ve been reading books, training, watching videos – all those stuff, I’ve been doing those forever before I actually got in front of a camera to talk to you, guys, or in front of a microphone to talk to the world about what I’ve done. I have been doing it, I am the one actually accomplishing all those things so then I talk. I hate those people who are actually just out there talking without doing anything. I mean somebody that has an agency, let’s say for example somebody that runs an Amazon agency. They’re saying, “I’m going to scale your business and help you sell $1 million a month.” Okay, have you done it? Have you done it yourself? No? Then, what are you talking about? “I’m going to help you expand your business.”  Do you have any business yourself? Then, what are you talking about? It doesn’t make any sense. What is all these guys talking about helping you when they haven’t done it themselves? Don’t fall prey to any of that stuff, guys. Don’t fall prey to any of it because it’s all bias. You need to listen to the ones that have done it, to the ones that are doing it. Those are the guys that you need to pay attention to and pay close attention to because the rest of them are trying to take advantage of you and that’s not right. That’s simply motivation to get your money, not motivation to help. Sure! I make money. I take money from you, guys. I sell you my courses, I sell you my services. But, first and foremost, I have an intention to help you and make you better. So, in reality, you want to be building yourself along the way, making yourself better, discovering new abilities and documenting those abilities by video, by audio, by writing, and letting your people know when they come in, “Oh, you’re going to start writing emails? Okay, let me show you how that works. Here’s an exact video that shows you what I do when I log in to Infusionsoft, okay? Let me show you exactly how I write my subject lines and how I write my context and what I do with my banner on my actual email and how I communicate to people, okay? Let me show you. Maybe, if you practice enough you’re going to increase your own value by showing me how good you are along the way.”

Guys, it’s something that sometimes it’s so simple and it is constantly overlooked. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be doing what you’re doing right now –  your learning, your listening, you’re implementing those things that you’re learning along the way. But, now you need to actually scale yourself and you need to show them all about it. So, figure out a system on scaling yourself because when you do so, you get to expand. Look at me. Do you know how much freedom I have? Do you know why I’m here? I’m running a multi-million dollar agency. I have big clients, guys. Some of them are selling millions of dollars a month already and I have an international client and I’m here talking to you. Why? Because I’ve built a system of people under me that are our representation of the quality of Manuel Suarez’s advertising efforts. I’ve built that system myself by getting good at it and then eventually getting people under me trained so they themselves can also get good at it and they can also use it to expand their business and train people under them. My guy, my little brother Jay who’s been with me for 4 years now, he already has 20 people working under him and he’s been able to make a lot of money, more money that he has dreamed about in the last couple of years. He didn’t even think he was going to expand so much with me.

So, I am building an organization of people, of human beings. My staff are more important than my clients. My staff is what keeps this company alive. They are the heart of this organization and I want to keep them growing and expanding along the way. Treat them like they’re worth $1 million because they’re worth it. Now, here’s my philosophy. A lot of people that you are going to bring in to the equation to work for you, they’re not going to be able to be a good fit, they’re not going to do a good job for you, okay? You have to fire a lot of people. My philosophy is I hire fast, very, very fast but I fire faster. If you do this, guys, if you actually work on that philosophy, you’re going to scale a team from 1 that you are to 20 or more in no time, just like that. Because now, you are going to get rid of the ones that don’t work and you are going to bring in some more and along the way you are going to find some gold mines. There is a lot of opportunity to bring in gold mines right now. Out of my 40 something staff, I got 20 from the Philippines, several in Mexico, several in the United States, and I’ve got them all over the place.

There are some people from the Philippines for example in other places of the world, in Latin America, that are geniuses that need opportunities, people with a lot of potential that need and want opportunities. They have perfect english, perfect grammar, great ability, or maybe not a perfect grammar but they definitely get better along the way, and their abilities get better and they will blow you away.

My number 1 Facebook Messenger guy, he’s actually a Filipino. My top editor, he’s a Filipino. I built a course that has sold millions of dollars and I’ve got hundreds of students on it that is actually a course that in great part was created by some guys from the Philippines that are genius minds that got inspired by me and they do great quality content based on what I do. Geniuses, creative, artists, entrepreneurs, copywriters, marketers, all these guys are available.

Write down. Here’s a very practical tip before we end for this particular video and podcast because I’m also recording this for Facebook live. Here’s a hot tip for you guys. Write down every single part of the business that you do every single day, all the actions. Explain it and record yourself doing them. Save them on a document. Get an Amazon cloud. Get Egnyte. It’s one that I use, E-G-N-Y-T-E. I am not affiliated. Get Dropbox or whatever it is that you want to use. Store that information in there and use Clickfunnels website with all your training and then bring a person in. This is what you’re going to do. This is how you are going to get your first person to help you, okay? If it’s for Facebook ads, if it’s running your Instagram, if it’s to post things for you, if it’s to optimize your Amazon listings, whatever it is that you want to do, go get one person. You can go to one thing that I’m recommending right now, a freeeup, okay? F-R-E-E-Eup.com/manuelsuarez. You get a $25 coupon to get credit on these people, okay? You’ve got to try them out. They’re called freelancers. You get them into your team and start helping you out. And now, you start seeing how much they can help you and it’s going to start releasing you. You give them one responsibility, “Give me a product research on this particular line, okay? Optimize the listings. Help me integrate Helium 10 into my Amazon account. Help me with posting things on Facebook. I want you to set up a product catalog for my account, for my Shopify listing. Help me integrate a catalog. Start running some video views campaign. Help me edit a video.” Whatever it is that you want to do, get some help and start going outside and getting some parts into action so now you can get people to start helping you grow your business along the way. Seriously, it’s going to help you explode your business along the way.

So, go to freeeup.com/manuelsuarez. I’ll put a link down below in this podcast or on this video and you can go and sign up for the account, find somebody, test them out. They’re going to help you qualify these people to make sure they’re good for you. If they don’t work you fire them, you get somebody else until you find a good one. Once you’ve really found a good one, you’re going to start giving responsibilities to this person, see what their potential is at and then you get another person to come in, and then you get another person to come in, and then you get another person to come in. But, first, before you do that, write down every single activity that you do in your life for your business – all of it, no exceptions. Spend a couple of hours thinking about everything that you do and write it down step-by-step and then record yourself doing these activities and save those videos to be able to train your guys on how you do things. And even if you have to do live trainings, well, I did that a lot with my guys – live trainings, share screens, for hours a day or whatever it is until I get good at it –  do it. This is going to release you and now you’re going to be able to really, really, expand your business. Add other brands, scale winners, turn off losers, expand your business, build Messenger channels, expand your brand, add a new product, build Instagram campaigns, create story video ads. There’s just so much to do so you have to figure out how to get that help. Otherwise, you’re going to stay stuck. But, also remember that you must also continue to learn these things because if you don’t learn these things yourself, it’s impossible to know if these guys are doing a good job or not for your business. “Oh, yeah boss. I think I’m doing a great job on it.” How do you know if you don’t do it yourself? Learn about it and then scale yourself by adding people to your staff.

Guys, I cannot express this with more passion. In reality, scaling a team is the way that you actually can expand your business. Scaling a team equals scaling your business. As simple as that. All right? I hope that you like the podcast and we’re going to keep it going, okay? Every single week I’m going to try and give you a new podcast. I’ve been off for about three weeks. I’m so sorry about that guys. I know I have been disconnected, my content is going heavy once again. I’m going to keep on giving you, guys, that are working, and how to be able to get your business to the next level no matter what your business is and take advantage of the modern opportunities. I am the Facebook marketing ninja. I am riding the wave and I hope that you are riding the wave also. All right.

So, on Facebook, what works is a customer journey and I have written articles on this. I do have a lot of documentation. I talk about it a lot in my course. You have to build relationships and put people through a customer journey. A customer journey is composed of several levels. On the first level, people don’t even know who you are. It’s a complete unawareness of who your business is and who your brand is. You have to touch them with some kind of content that provides value to them. You’ve got to think about what my content is all about, what you teach, and what can you show to the world. Don’t tell me you don’t have any content because if you don’t have anything that you can use to make the world a better place. I’ve got news for you. You don’t have a business. In reality, business is something that can be used to improve the lives of another individual. If you have a toy store, if you have an accounting business, if you have a real estate business, if you sell stuff on Amazon, if you have a brand online, if you have a service, no matter what it is, your business improves the life of another individual or a group of individuals. So, in reality, you have to figure out what content your business has that can be used for that first point of contact.

Now, in business there are basically three ways in which you can provide education, value, and inspiration, right? You either educate, inspire, or you entertain. There are people out there that all they do is to entertain – actors, artists, funny people – they have millions of people in their audiences and they have very successful businesses. What they do is they entertain. Some people educate. I educate on Facebook marketing. My dad educates. Dr. Eric Berg, he educates on health and the ketogenic diet. These guys educate. We can build businesses from that education that now can be turned around and we can sell to people from it. You can inspire people. There are people like Gary Vaynerchuk who inspires people every single day. He has a flood of business coming his way actively through his inspiration. He doesn’t really teach you exactly how to run Facebook ads as I do but he inspires people to be better and do better and wake up to this era of opportunity that produces business. Whatever it is, you have to somehow figure out how are you going to provide that value to the world. And, that is your first point of contact.

We invest a lot of money trying to just put a message out there across clients whether it is my dad’s accounts, Dr. berg’s accounts, other people that I have as clients, we invest money on that first point of contact. Actually, most of the money spent on Facebook advertising is spent on building that first customer journey step. We’re going to grab an audience and we’re going to turn it into a big bucket of people. It’s a bucket of people full of people in it that now are getting all this information to improve the quality of their lives. Guys, this is what’s going on right now. As you build this audience, as you get better and you get more people in there and your content improves, the information that you put out there improves, you don’t have to be good in the camera but you do have to provide education, value, inspiration, and content. Make somebody else better without asking them for anything in return. If you’re just trying to sell, you’re going to lose every single time. If you do that, if you actively do that, you’re going to be able to down the line sell them something. The way I look at it is ideally, there could be like three steps on that particular journey. On the first point of contact, people don’t know who you are so you introduce yourself and provide value. On the second point of contact, you can now invite them into your channels. You can get them into Messenger, you can get them to your website, go visit your blog, educate some more, get more connected like your Page, be somehow one step closer to who you are and who your brand is. That’s another thing that you can do. On the third step of the journey, you can make them consider being a part of your audience – buying something from you, engaging with your audience, giving you their email address, their phone number, their address, anything that has more of a connection with you.

Now, every single one of those journeys and steps has a lot of segments along the way. A lot of parts to it. For example, on that first point on the customer journey, I would actually have several points of contact. There is a rule in advertising that has been around for a very long time. They call this rule the rule of 7. The rule of 7 is a rule that states that somebody has to look at you and see you at least seven times before they believe in your brand before they trust you enough to open up their wallets and give you their cash. If they have not seen you at least seven times people don’t trust you. So, what I want you guys to realize is that Facebook is a perfect platform for you to put yourself in front of the same people over and over, seven times and get them to trust you. It’s not a selling platform, it’s a relationship-building platform. This is very different from traditional platforms. For example, when somebody searches for your product on google.com, they are buyers, searching for something that could handle their problem. If somebody has overweight problems and they go to Google and they search how to lose weight or losing weight pills then whatever comes up you know you have a customer there that wants to get that information, that they’re looking for that particular solution to their problem.

So, you already have one gain. These guys are ready. But, that traffic today which is called search traffic is ridiculously expensive. It is not affordable, it doesn’t make money, you don’t even break even, it’s too expensive. If you want to buy a word like weight loss on Google right now, you have to pay $15 not a purchase, a click, and you have to get about 100 people to go in there before somebody buys from you because you get an average of 1% conversion rate from cold traffic. So, we are at a stage in 2018 in which traditional advertising and even online advertising which is not Facebook has gotten out of our reach – out of the reach of most small business owners, out of the reach of even medium-sized business owners because it has gotten too expensive, it’s not profitable anymore. And, why would we do that when we have a platform in which we can invest, for $5 put our message in front of a thousand people, get them to connect with us, and build a relationship with them? It is a platform for relationship building. So, instead of having search traffic, we have something that we call Interruptive Traffic. Interruptive Traffic is traffic in which you are basically putting yourself in front of the audience. You are basically presenting yourself to an individual that was not looking for you and now you’re trying to make them realize that they need and want your help. And when they do that, they start watching your videos. And now they engage, they comment, and they share, they sit down and pay attention, and they watch the next one. You’re making them aware of their problem. And you’re making them aware of how you as the business owner can address that problem and make them better. That’s what you’re doing on Facebook. If you’re trying to sell and just be like “My product is the best. You should buy it for $19.95, free shipping” without having to actually build a relationship first, you’re going to lose every single time.

So, guys, that is the platform difference right now that we have. And the ones that are making it killing which is about 5% of us using Facebook ads, we have the correct strategy, we are building relationships. I do not sell to anyone online on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger if they haven’t seen me several times before if I have not done a good job of pushing my message in front of them over and over and over again. The good news is that you have been wondering if you don’t know enough about this, “Wait for a second. What do you mean, Manuel? How am I going to put a second message? How am I going to do this whole third message, fourth message, fifth message? You’re crazy, Manuel. This is over my head.” Well, if you set up your Business Manager which actually is quite affordable because it’s free which you can do by going to business.facebook.com (I have an article on this if you go to my blog at manuelsuarez.com, that explains the Business Manager in details), if you set up your Business Manager, then, you can actually in there look at audiences. There’s an option called Audiences in which you can build audiences – buckets of people that are consuming your content in certain ways. For example, you can build an audience of people that had seen 25% of your videos. You can also build an audience of people that have engaged with your Facebook page. You can also build an audience of people that have messaged your Facebook page. Also, you can build an audience of people that have visited your website. You can build an audience of the top 25% website visitors. Now, I don’t want to open up a can of worms but if you’ve been in marketing long enough, if you’ve been in advertising for a few years, at least in the Facebook world, there is something called the Facebook Pixel which is very easy to integrate with your website especially if you have a Shopify, a Magento and Open Cart, if you have a Word Press, it’s a couple of clicks of a button. If you don’t know, guys, there is this guy which is very famous which knows all the answers to everything in the world. His name is Mr. Google, you search for how to install a Facebook Pixel on my work per site? You’re going to get an article that tells you exactly how to do it. It takes about five minutes to integrate it and now you can measure what’s going on on your website. Facebook can get that data. You can build an audience of your top 25% website visitors or people that have purchased your product. You can build an audience of so many different things. For example, people that have engaged on your Instagram profile.

So, you’re building, as you go along, different buckets of people. And those buckets of people, you can use them to do something that I am going to tell you secretly, confidentially, what is called Retargeting. When you put a message out there and you put some money behind it, let’s say that you’re running Facebook ads and you run an Objective called Traffic. Meaning that you want to get as much traffic to your website as possible. Or you run an Objective called Video Views meaning that you want to get as many video views as possible. These buckets of people are growing along the way. You spend $5, $10, $20, whatever it is that you want to spend because, guys, you don’t have a contract with Facebook. You can spend $2 or you can spend $5 a day. That’s the big commitment that you’re putting in here.

You guys are probably spending more on coffee every day or on other things that are less valuable than growing your business and this is being left on a table. So, if you invest money on that, then on the Business Manager, you can build audiences and then you can put a second message in front of them. And then, you can keep on growing those audiences. And now, you’re one step closer on that relationship-building process. And now, on the third message, maybe you put another video, you give the behind the scenes of your business, you give a testimonial, you give a success story. And you do the fourth video. Or maybe you’re not into video so now you do the fourth image talking about your group and how your product is being able to help the world with your products and services. And now, you do the fifth one. And, maybe on the fifth one, you decide to go ahead and try to get them to opt in to one of your funnels, get them to actually become your subscriber on Messenger, get them to actually be an email of yours so you can try to get them close on something, get them to give you their phone number so that you can contact them and have a customer service person to try to close them, a salesman and try to close them. But, only if you have done this several times. If you have done a good job of positioning your business in front of these people, these buckets of people along the way, you are going to be able to get results on Facebook but you have to do it that way. It’s not that Facebook ads didn’t work but it’s you that didn’t work. It’s as simple as that.

You have to have a strategy. The power of a tool lies in the user of that tool. If I get a basketball in my hands and they tell me to go make money with it, I cannot make a penny with a basketball. If they give me a computer, I’ll go and make millions of dollars with it. Why does somebody else grab a computer and make nothing from it? Why can Lebron James or Stephen Curry grab a basketball and get a $100 million contract? I can grab that same basketball and get absolutely nothing in return. The power of a tool, in this case, Facebook advertising, the Facebook Business Manager, depends on each and every single one of you. So, if you are one of those people that said “Facebook ads didn’t work for me. I pressed the boost button and I didn’t get results”, I want you to realize one thing. Same Facebook ads didn’t work is like saying capturing attention doesn’t work. How does that make sense when Facebook controls more attention than any other single media organization on the planet? They control more attention than CNN, than NBC, than 98.7, than any media organization in existence. Nobody has ever dreamed about having people in masses as much as they have them. That’s what they are. They are an attention-grabbing platform. In reality, it’s not that they didn’t work. It’s that you didn’t work and you didn’t do a good enough job of putting your strategy in place so you can build your funnels, your customer journeys along the way.

Facebook doesn’t happen overnight. It’s sure that it didn’t happen for me overnight. In every single time that I start a business, I want to have a mentality that it takes me about six months before I start getting traction and start seeing results with my Facebook advertising strategies. So, you have to build relationships. But, I want you guys to understand from this particular podcast, the main message is this is not traditional advertising. It is a new form of advertising that only approximates to a certain degree, something that we’ve had for a very long time, door-to-door selling. This is the only thing that I can think of that compares with Facebook because you’re trying to knock on somebody’s door and offer them an alarm system that they hadn’t thought about they need. But, when you offer them, maybe out of 100 people, 99 are going to say, “Get out of my house. Stop soliciting. You are violating the home owner’s association rules. Get out of here.” But, when that one person bites and buys your alarm system, you made your entire week right there. Alarm door-to-door knocking sales services is very comparable to what we are trying to do on Facebook advertising. We are trying to push our message out there actively to thousands of people. And by doing so, we expect to get a small percentage of them to become interested in building a relationship with us and being a part of the company. And when we do that, we can grow our company.

It takes several months until you really nurture and find that audience. Once you nurture them, once you find them, you can now start scaling and growing. The cool thing about Facebook is that you don’t only have to scale deeply, meaning, going from $10 to $100 a day, you can also scale widely. For example, if you have an audience of video watchers – people that are watching your videos – you can now go to Audiences, then you can go to Custom Audience and select the option that says Lookalike Audience. When you do that, you can go ahead and build an audience of people that are similar to the people that are watching your video content. Facebook allows you to scale wide like that because they have more data than any other company has ever dreamed about. What do I mean by that? Well, the Facebook data is so much that if you ask them to build a look-a-like audience, they’re going to go ahead and find you an audience of millions of people in the US, in Canada, in Europe, anywhere you want. Facebook is going to find you people that are very similar to the audience that has already shown interest in your brand. The same thing with customer purchasers, email lists, phone numbers that you have, people that visit your website, you can have Facebook find audiences that are similar to them.

The possibilities are basically endless but what you have to understand is if you’re one of those people that failed on Facebook ads, it’s because you didn’t have a strategy and you didn’t persist enough on building a relationship with customers. Building relationships is what Facebook is for and not for selling. It sells like crazy and that’s why I love it. But, you can’t have an approach to it that you want to use it for selling or you’re going to fail every single time. Trust me, I already went through that pain and I want to stop you from going through that pain and wasting money when you have the opportunity of having me educate you and take you step-by-step through this jungle and show you what works today and what doesn’t work.

So, guys, there you have it. Build relationships on Facebook, learn how to use the platform, do my training, go to my blog, do my videos. I am on a mission and I am on a big mission to help you become successful in this world of the digital age that we have in front of us, of opportunity. It’s only going to get stronger and better. For me, doing this with you is way more fun than handling my agency. I have my agency rolling but I’m entertained with just basically helping you guys become successful, seeing the results, the incredible amounts of testimonials that are coming in that you can check out from the people that are my students if you go to manuelsuarez.com/testimonials. People want to know, are you for real? Don’t take my word for granted. Go and check what students have to say about me, the clients have to say about me, people that have followed my education, and that will speak for itself. World of opportunity. The great Seneca, the philosopher, used to say that luck is basically when preparation meets opportunity. I want you guys to get prepared so you can get lucky because the opportunity today is quite massive. Our great grandparents, my dad, and my mom never had access to an online era in which we can communicate to the world with a couple of buttons here and there. So, I want you guys to realize for a second and let that sink in that we are a first generation to have access to an online world. Nobody else before us ever had access to this stuff and they were trying to build businesses with ages, decades of sweat, blood, and tears when we can do it in a year or two – build multi-million dollar businesses like nothing. It does require work but we can do it faster than ever before because we have the online world in this incredible miracle that we have in front of us – Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, Messenger marketing, and all that stuff, right? Okay guys, fantastic. See you on the next podcast.